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Sirkka-Liisa, Tsad, Lucifer, Fatisa & Alma 1978

R.I.P Sirkka-Liisa Nyyssönen, kennel Shamaanin

15.7.1926 - 24.2.2012

Thank You Sirkka-Liisa

you gave me something I still do not understand.

That "something" stares me at the moment with their black charming eyes, some people name it borzoi.

I name it a friend, a companion, and the most unselfish creature on the earth.

Heavy words I know, but every word is worth of it.


Thank You Krisse for my precious jewels!

Krikorova Dmitrjevka broke my heart totally when I saw her at the age of five weeks, she had to be mine, and so she did!

Cousins Krikorova Chili Pepper and Butzenina are kissing for each other, both are veterans and still going strong.

Sili has her own story to tell, her heart is gold and muscles must be diamond, cause she are still shaking the juniors.

Sara is a real Superwoman and the leader of our pack at the age of 12,5 years.


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