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Oil painting

Shamaanin Mariska four months old 1978, Jouni Airaksinen



When I was a little girl, my godfather and –mother Alpo and
Anna-Liisa Säilä were breeding fox terriers and English foxhounds
under kennelname Albinon. I spent all my holidays in Lahti with them.

So I had an excellent opportunity to grew up with and learn more about these dogs.
By the way their foxterriers Ramses and Netta acted a part of the
TV-commercial “Sidostesukka kestää”. Actually the sock didn’t wear…they cheat us and put a piece of foxskin into the sock!

By chance Anna-Liisa knew Sirkka-Liisa Nyyssönen, and she was breeding borzois!
All started from
Kennel Shamaanin, and the year was 1978. In that summer
 I was working at the kennel at the age of 12 years and as a payment I got my
first borzoi, she was a charming brindle girl
Shamaanin Mariska, “Tinttu”.
 Tinttu was very keen on lure and on track she was very fast. Unfortunately
she died accidently at the age of 2,5 years. Tinttu´s sister was world famous
double World Winner, Shamaanin Tsara, owned by Harry Zuber. You can read
more about her and her skeleton: .

After that I bought my second borzoi,
Shamaanin Garat, “Kara”. Kara was one
year old, black and white handsome male, when he came to me.

At the year of 1989 Bernise Mountain dog Demir Idefix, “Ide” moved to me.
 Ide was quite a person and he brought joy and happiness in to my life almost
12 years. When he was over ten years I bought him a friend, tiny little brindle tiger,
a cat called
Väinö. Even though her name “Väinö”, she is a real lady.

When Ide passed away 2001, Krikorova Butzenina, golden “Sara” was born, and of course, she needed a friend. Therefore
Krikorova Chili Pepper, “Sili” moved to my home. At the age of one year Sili was
injured in a severe car accident and some nerves of her rear never was healed.
 Despite of her handicap she is very happy, active and energetic dog.

Third borzoi, Krikorova Dmitrjevka, “Aune” moved to Kuopio at 2007.
 Aune is dynamic and charming little princess. Thank you Krisse for these
beautiful, smart and gorgeous girls!

My life would be nothing without these precious friends!

Sari Airaksinen
Tiaisenpolku 28
70340 KUOPIO 34

Mobile: 044 5335164



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